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Great Western Malting Crystal 60 malt - 55 lb  /  25 kg Bag
Great Western Malting Crystal 40 malt - 55 lb  /  25 kg Bag
Challenge Series Red Tide
  • Challenge Series Red Tide
  • In collaboration with the SJ Porr Challenge, Brewcraft USA partnered with the 2016 competition winners to bring their recipes to homebrewers everywhere! The 2016 guidelines were to create a Session beer that kept you coming back for more.
    The Red Tide Session IPA was designed and brewed by Joshua Hoover, and was actually showcased by Modist Brewing during the 2017 HomebrewCon, and earned 2nd Place in the 2016 SJ Porr Challenge.
  • Code : 10708
Bestmalz Biscuit Malt - 55 lb / 25 kg Bag
  • Bestmalz Biscuit Malt - 55 lb / 25 kg Bag
  • BEST Biscuit Malt lends the beer an intense and sweet malty aroma which reminds of freshly baked bread and biscuits. It combines distinct roasted aromas and a light color. Giving a golden hue to the beer it suits perfect for many beer styles, giving the little“extra” to them.
  • Code : BZ-BISC