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  • Honey, Buckwheat  5lb container
  • Honey, Buckwheat 5lb container
  • Buckwheat Honey has been demonstrated to have higher levels of antioxidants than other honeys; it is typically compared with black strap molasses, and it possesses a musty, earthy aroma. 
    5 LB Container

  • Code : ML-3143
  • Honey, Orange Blossom  5lb container
  • Honey, Clover 5lb container
  • Honey, Clover 5lb container
  • Clover Honey is a sweet, light honey. Some say they detect a hint of cinnamon in Clover Honey.
    5 Lb Container

  • Code : ML-2009
  • Dutch Gold Honey Variety Pack
  • Dutch Gold Honey Variety Pack
  • The perfect pack to bring in our new lines of honey to stock your shelves!
    4 Five LB Honey Containers

  • Code : ML-VP-1
  • Honey, Organic  5lb container
  • Honey, Organic 5lb container
  • Dutch Gold's Organic Honey is produced in the remote regions of Brazil, where the honey bees are healthy (free from any medications) and the flowers and blossoms are free from any chemical or pesticide applications. 
    5 LB Container

  • Code : ML-2961
  • Maple Syrup, Grade A Very Dark Color 32 oz (Quart)