Brewjacket Immersion Pro with Carboy / Bucket Jacket - Discontinued

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Brewjacket Immersion Pro MAP: $329.99   
Now Available in All Facilities!

Brew Jacket Immersion Pro uses Industry leading technology to heat or cool your fermenting beer, wine, or mead by 35°F (15°C) above or below your ambient temperature.  This patented technology can maintain the set temperature to 0.3° F.  It’s easy to use, with minimal installation on almost any existing primary or secondary fermenter.

No need for costly fridges, pumps, ice water, or glycol.  The Immersion Pro uses an innovative solid state heat exchanger to directly maintain the set temperature in your wort.

It can be broken down for compact storage when not in use so is great for space crunched users and small areas where other temp control solutions will not fit.

Immersion Pro - First Use from Aaron Walls on Vimeo.

• Immersion Pro head unit
• Heat transfer rod
• Insulated Jacket w/ Drawstring
• Power supply
• Temperature probe
• #10 Stopper, custom drilled
• Blowoff Kit for installation on almost any fermenter (Brew Jacket DOES NOT work with Glass Carboys)

Customized Lids are available for the Brewcraft line of Fermenters

Brewcraft 6 Gallon Bucket: 1370-LID-BJ

Fermonster: 1392-4-LBJ

Chapman Stainless Fermenters – 7 gal: 1522-LBJ

Low pH Fermentations require the use of the Brewjacket Sleeve. 10 Packs can be purchased Here:


Additional Stoppers, Blowoff Kits also Available:



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