POS: Mangrove Jack's A5 Booklet - Craft Series Yeast (New Version)
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POS: Mangrove Jack's A5 Booklet - Craft Series Yeast (New Version)

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Brewing with the correct yeast strain is critical when creating craft beers with true personality.
This range of dried pure yeast strains have been brought to market after years of development, extensive brewing trials and rigorous screening. This breakthrough gives the brewer the ability to create a wider range of craft beer styles, previously requiring liquid yeast.
Each yeast has been propagated and dried using state of the art manufacturing facilities to give you reliable pitching rates, superior shelf stability, and ease of use.
You can be assured that with Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Yeasts you will get consistent top quality results with each brew.


Home Craft Brewers  03 
How the Yeast Works  04

The Dried Yeast Range:

Individual Descriptions and Specifications
M76 Bavarian Lager 06
M20 Bavarian Wheat  07
M47 Belgian Abbey  08
M41 Belgian Ale  09
M31 Belgian Tripel  10
M21 Belgian Wit 11 
M84 Bohemian Lager 12 
M54 Californian Lager 13 
M15 Empire Ale 14 
M29 French Saison  15 
M36 Liberty Bell Ale 16 
M42 New World Strong Ale 17 
M44 US West Coast 18 
M02 Cider 19 
M05 Mead 20 
Yeast Compatibility Table 21 
Selecting the Right Yeast 22 

The latest PDF version can be downloaded HERE