Aseptic Soursop / Tangerine Puree, 42 lb BIB \ 19.05 KG

Aseptic Soursop / Tangerine Puree, 42 lb BIB \ 19.05 KG

Product Code:1728-W-1

Aseptic Soursop/Tangerine Puree is a mixture of soursop puree with tangerine juice concentrate. The soursoppuree is semisolid product, creamy white in color, homogenous texture, and obtained by mechanical extractionfrom the edible part of healthy and ripe soursop fruit. The tangerine juice concentrate is made from the juice offresh tangerines. The juice is run through an evaporator which removes the water from the juice untilconcentrated to 60%. This product contains no preservatives.

Puree is pasteurized at 190°F or higher for a minimum 20 seconds. Puree is cooled and aseptically packaged. Aseptic puree is guaranteed to comply with FDA, Juice HACCP: 21 CFR Part 120, applicable state and local laws and regulations. 

pH: 3.3 – 3.9
Brix: 17.0° - 21.0°
Specific Gravity: 1.069 – 1.088
Color: Yellow to Orange

Aseptic, Kosher (Orthodox Union), Vegetarian, Vegan, Product of USA.

42 Lb Bag in Box

48 per Pallet