Hop Pellets Domestic, Sabro - 2 oz Package

Hop Pellets Domestic, Sabro - 2 oz Package

Product Code:1032-SAB-2


Developed by Hop Breeding Company, Sabro (HBC 438) is an experimental variety originating from the open pollination of YCR 123, a cultivar derived from the subspecies neomexicanus. It is the sister to the well-known experimental Sabro (HBC 438) and exhibits many of the same characteristics. Specific aroma descriptors include mango, coconut, grapefruit, lemongrass and wood.

Vinnie Cilurzo and Russian River Brewing Company created Ron Mexico, a special Sabro (HBC 438) beer exclusive. To view a sample recipe of Ron Mexico using Sabro (HBC 438) hops, click here

Aroma: Specific descriptors include peachy stone fruit, tropical pineapple, and lime with herbal notes of cedar and coconut; exceptionally distinct and pleasant.

Alpha Acid: 
12.4 - 14.9%

Beta Acid: 
5.1 - 6%

Total Oil: 3 - 3.4 mL/100g

2 ounce pack of pellets