Rum Turbo with AG(PP) 1 kg
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Rum Turbo with AG(PP) 1 kg

Product Code:50194

An Osmophilic Saccharomyces Cerevisiae strain especially suited to 50:50 blend of molasses and sucrose fermentations to 15%ABV. Contains complete nutrition for rapid fermentation. Producing full, rich fruity aromatics, it also includes amyloglucosidase enzyme for breaking longer-chain sugars for optimum yield.  

Sufficient for 350L (92 Gallon) Fermentation

Add to cooled mash (<30 degrees Celcius or <86 degrees Fahrenheit) 

Single culture rum strain with Amyloglucosidase and yeast nutrient. May contain traces of gluten and soy.

1 kg package

10 make a Case.

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